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Interview with Tim Draper.

Stewart Dennis interviews with legendary investor Tim Draper.

I'd like to share an exciting development that happened last week: I had the distinct honor of being legendary investor Tim Draper’s first interviewee on his new TV show. We cover a lot in the interview, including a major new innovation we’ve developed.

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Stewart Dennis
Chief Executive Officer
Turing | Turing Cloud

Happy New Year from Turing!

Hey there,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday period and are excited to get your new year’s resolutions going in 2017! Hopefully we can be a part of making some of those resolutions happen with three new ways we can help you (see below!).


In 2016, we went from one email product to a whole suite of software services in Turing Cloud. These services now include:

  • Turing Email
  • Turing Chat
  • Turing Calendar
  • Turing Tasks
  • Turing Notes
  • Turing Contacts
  • Turing Email Marketing
  • Turing SMS
  • Turing Video
  • Turing Pipeline
  • Turing Docs
  • Turing Sheets

We just released initial versions of our word processing and spreadsheet applications; if you have any feedback on them, please us know!


2017 is about developing Turing into a serious contender in cloud office software. We’re going to expand our portfolio of services, innovate to increase our differentiation, and refine every aspect with the help of your feedback.

Three ways we can help you

Here are three ways we could help you to a greater extent in 2017:

  • Turing VIP: we are offering a special subscription that will allow you to have a much greater degree of influence on our product roadmap through regular discussions with our team about what you’d like us to develop.
  • Run a pilot: we’re willing to run a free pilot program with your team or enterprise. That way, we can make sure you’re satisfied before you commit to a team/enterprise paid plan.
  • OEM/custom work: along the way, we’ve had interest in OEM relationships and custom work using our technologies. If this is something you’d like, please let us know.

Thanks again for your participation in our community so far. Our goal is to have a prolific year and I wish the same for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you make that happen.


Stewart Dennis
Chief Executive Officer
Turing | Turing Cloud

One customer communication channel is no longer enough.

Announcing Turing SMS, Video, Email Marketing, and Pipeline products.
Turing Partners with Turing Trust

Email is still the leading form of business communication (according to The Radicati Group’s 2016 market report). That’s part of why we at Turing started out with an email product. However, consumer and enterprise behavior patterns are shifting. Younger workers are more frequently using messaging and video apps to communicate, and some new technologies are displacing email to a growing extent. Given these evolving behavior patterns, it’s no longer enough to just rely on one communication channel, such as email, to communicate with your customers.

That’s why Turing has moved beyond email and now supports SMS, chat/messaging, and video conferencing. Specifically:

  • We’ve released Turing SMS, which we’re developing into a full SMS client that can be used from your desktop.
  • We’ve launched Turing Video, which allows for video conferencing via chat channels (which is something that our competitor Slack does not support).
  • We’ve made Turing Email Marketing available for managing the email lists that you’re running campaigns with.
  • And we’ve added in Turing Pipeline for keeping track of opportunities as they move through your sales process
  • .

With this suite of services, you can effectively communicate with your customers via multiple channels while staying in control of what can otherwise be a chaotic process.

If you sign up for or login to Turing Cloud today, you’ll now be able to navigate between 10 different products that we offer. I invite you to try out our new services and use them to communicate with customers wherever in this digital world they now happen to be.

Stewart Dennis
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Turing Productive Cloud

The premium productive cloud for sales professionals.

Each of us has dreams. We have those visions seen with closed eyes or a wandering mind that we wish were our reality. Yet, changing the current state of the world into that which is defined in our mind’s eye is difficult; it requires hard work, persistent action, intelligence, creativity, and frequently an ample amount of luck. We can, however, meet these requirements more effectively through the use of simple, practical tools. With the right tools, we do not need to be content with wishing our dreams were true; we can cause them to become so.

My company’s mission is to build and disseminate such tools. And, today, we’re unveiling five of them.

These five tools are tightly integrated with Turing’s existing email product, and are packaged together into a single, unified, premium suite of cloud office/productivity software called Turing Productive Cloud. The suite includes two versions, one for salespeople and the other for general purpose use with more to come. I think it’s a game changer for my company and for related markets; that said, let me tell you about the specifics:

  • Turing Chat: a powerful, fast chat product combining the core functionality of Google Chat and Slack along with an important differentiator/innovation enabling channels to be made between any Turing users rather than just between people on the same team (which is one of Slack’s major limitations).
  • Turing Calendar: a beautiful, fully-functional calendar with an innovative agenda view.
  • Turing Tasks: a streamlined task management product that integrates seamlessly throughout the rest of the suite.
  • Turing Notes: a lightweight note product to provide an alternative to Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote that more closely integrates with the rest of your productivity tools.
  • Turing Contacts: a clean contact product for managing contact information that can be utilized throughout the suite.

Each of these products has been beautifully designed by Alexis Roizen, and engineered to the highest degree of quality by leveraging everything I learned from my Stanford education in Computer Science and via the tremendous knowledge and skill of our rockstar team. We also couldn’t have built these products without standing on the shoulders of two of Silicon Valley’s all-time-great venture capitalists, Tim Draper and Reid Dennis, who provide critical consistent belief, support, and guidance. Beyond what we have launched today, we have made tens of significant improvements and hundreds of minor refinements to Turing Email since its launch; we will do the same with each of these new products in the coming months.

Finally, please spread the word. While I am pleased with the revenue we have generated so far, this moment is an extremely exciting inflection point because the value our company offers has risen to a whole new level. Our ambition is to build Turing into a great software company with the power to effectively further it’s mission, yet we’ll need the help of others to accomplish this. This is our new suite’s soft launch, and right now we need help in spreading the word-of-mouth message. Please pass on word of our work to those you believe will benefit from it. We’d appreciate it, and, with your help, we’ll continue moving Turing along a trajectory to become the great software company that we aspire to build.

Stewart Dennis
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In Good Company

Partnership with the Turing Trust.
Turing Partners with Turing Trust

If you want to know something about a company, find out what company they keep. Turing is excited to announce a new partnership with the Turing Trust.

Established in 2009 by Alan Turing’s family, The Turing Trust is changing the lives of rural African students by giving them a chance to break the poverty cycle by reusing technology to deliver IT education.

Giving students a modern education in emerging technology creates a stronger global market and provides quality-of-life opportunities that otherwise aren't available. Turing Email is proud to be in partnership with technology education across the world.

The Turing Trust is always in need of volunteers, computer equipment and content creation. If you’d like to individually contribute more, click ‘Donate’ or contact them here.

Break through the email sending ceiling.

Turing launches Turing Send through a partnership with SendGrid.
Turing Partners with SendGrid

You know that silly little sending limit that Gmail and Outlook impose on your mail merge blasts? It’s a pain. We get it. And now, we’ve fixed it.

Turing is excited to announce the launch of Turing Send, the new feature that allows you to increase your maximum daily sending limit.

Available in three tiers: 500; 1,000; and 2,500; Turing Send let’s you reach more customers in a single email blast, saving you time and opening more leads and closing more deals. Also, please contact us directly if you'd like a custom limit.

Turing Send is available through a new partnership with SendGrid.

To get started with Turing Send, go to your ‘My Membership’ page from the top bar and click ‘Sending Limit’. Select your tier and get moving.

Take pride in your productivity. We’ll keep helping you every step of the way.


- The Turing Team

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